Closing the curtain of year 2008

The year 2009 is just around the corner. Despite this, I feel nothing to welcome the new year. Why, I wonder? I am unsure. Could it be because I am depressed with the remaining days to final examinations? Or could it be I care less to think about the new year? Whatever it is, I shall recall what was the year 2008 to me.

This year, I had many first attempts in my life: I watched movie in cinema for the first time (the movie was DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda); I had learned to play a first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike (and made headshots); and I traveled between campus and hometown (rode express bus and intercity commuter).

Also this year, I had many defeats in my life: I had failed a subject for my first time in an official examination (the subject is related to machine stuff); I have failed to wake up early in the morning (no thanks to screwed up university students’ lifestyle and timetable); and I had disappointed myself (for becoming corrupt and polluted by bad influences).

Meanwhile, has made another improvement: the WordPress 2.7 dashboard. I had cast my vote for the new WordPress icons (voting is now closed); the results is out and the icons looked fine. I neither love or hate the finalized icons. While I have both agreements and disagreements, I had preference for the least voted icon set.

Compared to last year’s December 31, Starting-Up Sknow has recorded 1,918 hits for visit counts. For some time, I had prevented web crawler from indexing this blog. In essence, the year 2008 was mostly first-timer days to me. Last but not least, I wish a Happy New Year to all bloggers and readers. Farewell 2008, welcome 2009.

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